“On the internet, there was the Sax On The Web website, but there had been no forum on Facebook that I could find.  I initiated that group as a way of attracting an experienced membership from around the world so I could learn what other players had practiced, studied, and even recorded.  We have a great many “A-List” players whose albums I have had for years.  My own current teacher is one of our members.    Since the inception of Saxophonists, I co-moderate the group, Saxophone Equipment, with my friend, and renowned saxophone mouthpiece maker, Jennifer Price.   And beyond that, I started the groups Vintage & Collector Saxophones, as well as my personal favorite, Eastman Saxophones, which connects not only members who own an Eastman, but others who are considering investing in an Eastman. Those groups have grown tremendously in a short period of time.” 

Rocky still resides in Las Vegas, and keeps connected to his Philadelphia roots as well, performing as a freelance musician, including producing and negotiating television commercials.  Aside from that, he is currently attending school in pursuit of a music degree.

“I began my journey in media as a jingle writer, and ended up working  in radio, then later television.  I have many clients in that arena who also hire me for all their corporate events. So between working in the media, freelancing as a saxophonist, going to school, along with a strict regimen of practicing my horn, I reserve any free time I have for my wife and children

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